Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Poetic Pull
June 2015 by Robin Gadner Branch for Desoto Magazine

On Friday 6, 2015, Gov. Phil Bryant recognized her efforts as writer, poet, and motivational speaker by proclaiming her an Official Goodwill Ambassador for Mississippi. She numbers amoung Mississippians "who claim their Mississippi heritage proudly with a badge of honor throughout this great nation," his proclamation reads. As an additional honor, the legislature is considering her poem, "Meet my Mississippi", as the official state poem and will vote on it during the 2016 session. The poem extols the Mississippi roots of authors William Faulkner and Eudora Welty and musicians like Elvis Presley.

"Where would we as a nation be without the Delta music?" Neely-Dorsey wondered. Read more

Well-versed in Mississippi
Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s poems accentuate the positives of her native state

May 2015 by Debbie Stringer for Today in Mississippi

Patricia Neely-Dorsey doesn’t cotton to people saying bad things about Mississippi, and she’s on a personal crusade to stop it.
It started when, as a student at Boston University, she realized the only things her northern friends knew about Mississippi were misconceptions and stereotypes.
“It was just amazing to me in this modern age what people still thought about Mississippi,” she said. “Yes, we can put two sentences together, all my teeth are not missing and I do have clothes on.”
Since then she has taken it upon herself to talk up Mississippi at every opportunity—and to share her passionate sentiments in the poetry she writes.
Read more

Tupelo Poet named Mississippi's Goodwill Ambassador
May 2014 by Joe Lee for Town and Gown Magazine

Tupelo poet Patricia Neely-Dorsey has gotten great results from Facebook in spreading the word about her work, and one of the most important friend requests she sent was to State Representative Randy Boyd of Mantachie, who serves her district in the Mississippi House of Representatives.
"That's how I became acquainted with Patricia and her work," Boyd said. "It became evident to me that she's a special person and someone who needs to be heard and appreciated. I love her positive messages about her state, and she's known widely - Governor and Mrs. Bryant have talked about her. The governor helped me with the resolution, and we plan on putting a bill in for next year to make 'Meet My Mississippi' the official state poem." Read more

Accentuating the positive: Patricia Neely-Dorsey spreads love for Mississippi
March 9, 2015 by M. Scott Morris for the Daily Journal

TUPELO – After Patricia Neely-Dorsey graduated from Tupelo High School, her parents wanted her to get away from home to learn about other places.
“I’m glad because I would not have appreciated home like I do now,” said Neely-Dorsey, 51.
She went to college at Boston University, where she found that most people had only negative things to say about the Magnolia State.
“In college, if you said you were from Mississippi, their eyes would glaze over and they’d say, ‘Oh, God, you poor, downtrodden thing,’” she said. “They’d think you couldn’t put two sentences together.” Read more

Neely-Dorsey named a state Goodwill Ambassador
March 12, 2015 by By Jason Collum for The Saltillo Sun

Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s efforts to promote the many positive aspects of Mississippi have caught the attention of state leaders, and could lead to one of her poems officially representing the state.
The local author has earned accolades from the Legislature and the Governor’s office so far this year.
“In January, I received a resolution from the Mississippi House of Representatives commending my writings and work in promoting positive images of Mississippi,” Neely-Dorsey said. “It was introduced to the House by Representative Randy Boyd of Mantachie, and then voted on and passed by the House. During a visit to the capitol, I read poems from my books, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia and My Magnolia Memories and Musings before members of the House. In February the Governor named me as an official Goodwill Ambassador for the state.” Read more

The Mississippi message from our Goodwill Ambassador
February 23, 2015 by Donna Echols for The Clarion-Ledger
When talking to folks from other states and those here, Mississippi's Goodwill Ambassador sums up our great state in one word, home. Just the word "home" says Southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes, a hot grilled cheese sandwich, and other comfort foods. It's that warm quilt we wrap ourselves in when there's a chill in the air. We associate the word home with comfort; a place we go to feel safe and secure. Home is where we giggle at fun memories we have from childhood. Mississippi is home. Read more

March 2015 in the Jackson Expose magazine - Read more

Tupelo Spirit
September 2014 by Melanie Crownover for Invitation Tupelo Magazine

Tupelo native Patricia Neely-Dorsey has published two books of poetry inspired by the South, and in January, she'll do a reading for representatives as the state Capitol in anticipation of her third release, Mississippi in Me. Read full interview here

Magic of Mississippi is in every memory we make
August 2014 by Donna Echols for The Clarion-Ledger
Whether you grew up here, moved here or just visited here, there is something magical about our Mississippi. She has a way of getting into every memory we have and every moment we make. There's one lady who has a very unique way of telling her positive stories and memories about Mississippi through poems.
Folks often refer to her as the "ambassador" for our state. She always has a kind and inspirational comment. An encouraging word and motivational message are her trademarks. When you need a lift, a little levity, or a nudge of niceness, all you have to do is turn to Patricia Neely-Dorsey. I asked what "it" is about Mississippi that makes her so positive, inspirational, and happy. Read more

Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia
June 22, 2012 by By Mike Giles for The Meridian Star

“Before you understand the world you have to understand a place like Mississippi; William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, birthplace of Elvis Presley, blues and B. B. King. In order of priority it’s God, family and football. Rich in folklore, graces and charm y’all.” This was a posting that I read recently by Patricia Neely-Dorsey. Attached to the poster was a link to “If Mississippi is in You” a poem of hers proclaiming her love of our state, our people and all things positive in Mississippi. Read more


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