Patricia Neely-Dorsey

"(Patricia's) poetry genuinely uplifts our state better than anything I have ever read."

Ralph Gordon
Mississippi Writers Guild

"Patricia Neely-Dorsey's fascinating book of poetry takes me back to my childhood years, when times were simpler and lasting memories were shaped. To anyone raised in the rural South, this is a work of art that connects with an inner being that longs to remember its past."

Ronnie Agnew
The Clarion Ledger

"In Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia: A Life in Poems, Patricia Neely-Dorsey has written, in poetic form, a kind of primer on southern life, manners, and customs."

Rick Torgerson
Delta State University

"The poems are upbeat, bouncy at times, and make me proud to be a Mississippian. They are positive to the core, and perfect for church gatherings or local clubs to recite for inspiration. To live in Mississippi and not own this
book is a shame!"

Maggie Moran
Northwest Community College

"You do so much to promote our beautiful state and in such a heartfelt way."
Bettye McCool Johnson
Kosciusko, MS

"It is refreshing to read things that build up our beautiful state instead of tearing it down."
San Thomas McLeod
Fulton, MS

"You make being southern fun and interesting for the rest of the world! Thank you Ms. Ambassador."
Steve Kizer
Sevierville, TN

"Your poetry promotes itself. It is so down home and truly Southern. It is a book you won't want to put down. Even my Hubby loved it and he seldom reads poems."
Marjorie Barlow-Smith

"Ms. Dorsey describes the south that I personally know, and it dispels all the stereotypes the rest of the country continues to believe. The values of God, country and family/home resonate to the sounds of mockingbirds, the ring of children's laughter and the comrade of the southern people."
Olivia Wright
Red Bay, AL

"Patricia has a great eye and an ear for the south and the images that make it unique. I plan to use some of her quick rhymes when working with children in Mississippi schools."
Heather Truett

"Southern Poetry that is really poetry! Your books would go well (in schools) with English, nature studies, history, art,etc."
Margaret Ann Tull
Tupelo, MS

"I am a native Mississippian. I know exactly of what the author writes. I have lived it. Mississippi flows through my blood in ways that are nearly inexplicable, and yet, Neely-Dorsey has largely explained it through her poetry. Reading her poetry is like coming home to myself."
Shelia Hutherson
Meridian, MS

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